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Major new book on Northern Ireland

More than 60 journalists in London, Dublin and Belfast who worked in Northern Ireland during the worst years of violence which claimed over 3,000 lives have contributed to a major new book compiled by myself and Ivan Little.

Reporting the Troubles” is published by Blackstaff and is due on the shelves in late September.

The journalists include Kate Adie, Martin Bell and Nicholas Witchell of the BBC; ITN’s John Irvine; Alex Thomson of Channel 4, NBC’s Bill Neely, Sean O’Neill,The Times, Richard Kay, Daily Mail, Robert Fisk, The Independent, John Mullin,Daily Telegraph; RTE’s Miriam O’Callaghan, Tommie Gorman and Katie Hannon; Justine McCarth, Sunday Times and Sam Smyth, Mail on Sunday.

Others include David McKittrick, Susan McKay, Brian Rowan, Suzanne Breen, Wendy Austin, Noel Doran, editor of the Irish News and Gail Walker, editor of the Belfast Telegraph.

Ivan, who formerly worked for UTV and ITN, and myself, began our daily newspaper careers with the Belfast Telegraph in 1973 and spent nine months compiling the book. US Senator George Mitchell wrote the foreword.